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Unearth the serenity of the rolling lavender fields in the heart of Provence, France, with our exquisite Lavender Tea. Harvested from the world’s most renowned lavender region, our Lavender Tea is a testament to the delicate beauty and natural splendor of this picturesque French landscape.

Caffeine Level: None – Caffeine-Free Herb

Key Health Benefits:

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Lavender tea is renowned for its calming properties. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and improved mental well-being. Sipping on a cup of lavender tea before bedtime may also aid in better sleep quality.
  • Headache Relief: Lavender tea has been used as a natural remedy for tension headaches and migraines. The calming effects of lavender may help alleviate headache symptoms.
  • Digestive Aid: Lavender tea can soothe digestive discomfort, including indigestion and gas. It may also help stimulate the production of gastric juices, aiding in the digestion process.

Ingredients: Dried Lavender Superblue


Steeping directions: 1 tsp per 8 ounces of water at 212° for 5 minutes.