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This mild creation is given fruity sweetness by the apple pieces and carrot flakes and a touch of freshness by eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, tangerine bits, and a nuance of hibiscus. Beetroot pieces lend their color to the cup along with a slightly earthy note.

Caffeine Level: None

Health Benefits: Apple pieces and carrot flakes provide a dose of essential vitamins and minerals, supporting immune function and promoting radiant skin. Blackberry leaves and hibiscus blossoms offer a tart sweetness while delivering antioxidants and aiding in digestion and heart health. Eucalyptus leaves add a refreshing touch, known for their antibacterial properties and respiratory benefits. Beetroot pieces provide a vibrant hue and are rich in nutrients, supporting detoxification and blood pressure regulation. Lemongrass lends a citrusy zing while promoting digestion and reducing inflammation.

Ingredients: apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry leaves, eucalyptus leaves, beetroot pieces, hibiscus blossoms, lemongrass, flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine, orange pieces, orange slices.

Steeping directions: 1 tsp per 8 ounces of water at 212° for 5 – 10 minutes.