Turquoise One-Touch Airtight Pitcher


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Turquoise One-Touch Airtight Pitcher

Secure Locking Pitcher features a slim but wide design for easy pour and lock to avoid spills.

The slim design fits perfectly in narrow areas of the fridge.

Compatible with hot and cold beverages.

1) Space Saving : Flat & slim design allows you to store it standing up or lying down. Store it in your fridge’s shelf, vegetable drawer, side panel, and wherever else it fits!

2) Clean with Ease : All parts come apart easily for thorough cleaning by hand Or save time by using the dishwasher ( It’s dishwasher safe! )

3) Heat Resistant : Made from advanced heat-resistant SAN plastic that allows you to pour boiling water or other high-temperature liquids directly inside safely.

4) No Leak : Secure locking spout prevents leaking even when stored vertically or horizontally on shelves.

5) One-Hand Operation : Easy-to-use lock spout handle securely opens and closes with one hand no need to twist to open or close like other pitchers.