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Suburban Girl’s Owner

Constance Benham

 I have always loved to shop. My mom and I would go to a different mall every Saturday afternoon when I was young. I thrived on the big holiday shopping each year. I could peruse the isles of my local Target for hours, so when a friend asked me if I wanted a part time job at a local boutique I jumped on it. I worked at Vickie Lynns on and off for 15 years. When it was time for my daughter to go to college I wanted to work full time and landed a job at another local boutique as their manager. I happened into Suburban Girl one day and through our conversation I found out she was ready to retire. So I talked it over with my husband (John) and prayed about it. God put all the puzzle pieces together for me to be able to buy the store and here we are a year later. This store has blessed me and my family over and over again. I am so grateful for each day I am allowed to go in and be a part of the lives of each of my customers. It thrills me to open every box that comes in. I so enjoy seeing the faces of my sweet customers that leave with something that they love just as much as I did when I ordered it. 

See you soon,


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